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Guiding patients to self-care, with personalised support

What is PhysioBuddie?

PhysioBuddie is an innovative online therapy service that provides its users with remote step-by-step progressive rehabilitation via the following mediums: expert help, video tutorials, written and picture-based descriptions and information sections.

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The Physiobuddie Platform

The Physiobuddie Platform is a secure digital-first service that provides the patient with creative progressive rehabilitation. The rehabilitation is centred towards the patients needs and provides protocolled and progressive rehabilitation in line with evidence and healing responses; that can be performed from the comfort of the patients home and on the ward.

Our platform offers increased access to creative and engaging rehabilitation pathways. For example; the patient can start their rehabilitation pre-operatively or when added to the Hospital waiting list. This assists with the NHS "waiting well" guidance.

The platform can also be used as a positive therapy adjunct working alongside F2F appointments. Physiobuddie will improve patient adherence to rehabilitation and ensures that prescribed exercises are followed to a level of gold standard rehabilitation provision between their follow up rehabilitation appointments.

What do our customers say?

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With the change of times and increased emphasis on providing telehealth and remote monitoring of patients within the NHS, Physiobuddie has provided an excellent solution. Its amazing flexibility has allowed a bespoke web-based platform which has enabled us to implement our own current protocols and ... read more

I have arthritis in my knee and after having a consultation with the orthopaedic consultant decided it was time to take the plunge and have a knee replacement. Physiobuddie gives patients expert physio advice and exercises to complete after surgery as an alternative to the exercise sheet normally gi ... read more

It has been great working with you on this project, I think what you have created with Physiobuddie is excellent and this should be rolled out in all hospitals.

Who we work with

We are delighted to be working with lots of different organisations with our innovation Physiobuddie. Here is a list of the organisations we work with:

Hull Hospitals logoAshford and St Peters logoKSS AHSNKSS Insights TeamYorkshire and Humber AHSNPropel ProgramSheffield Hallem University
Physiobuddie in actionPhysiobuddie in actionPhysiobuddie in actionPhysiobuddie in action

Meet the Team

Get to know the team here at PhysioBuddie

Image of Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth


Matthew is the co-founder of Physiobuddie. He qualified as a physiotherapist in 2012 and began his career in professional sport, working for Hull City Football Club. It was here he developed the crucial understanding and underpinning of progressive rehabilitation. In order to refine his processes he ... read more

Image of Alex Chester

Alex Chester


10 years clinical experience within various sporting and NHS settings. As the lead clinical director on this project, Alex has experience creating detailed and progressive clinical pathways for Hospitals and Trusts. Being integral to delivering Hospital injury protocols and education support for pat ... read more

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Good to know

  • Physiobuddie is a secure cloud based hosted service used across the NHS. We utilise the eu- west-1 AWS region.
  • All Physiobuddie staff are CRB checked.
  • Physiobuddie is Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited.
  • DSPT Accredited.
  • Physiobuddie has a dedicated data protection officer (DPO).
  • Physiobuddie has a dedicated clinical safety officer and a completed hazard log.
  • Physiobuddie has completed the DCB0129.
  • Penetration test complete.