Physiobuddie on tablet - Physiobuddie, leading digital physiotherapy platform

Paving the way for Physiotherapists to enter the digital world

Working with forward-thinking Physiotherapists to bring them a digital platform that allows them to deliver quality Physiotherapy sessions, remotely.

Innovative and exciting features, are at the core of Physiobuddie, a leading physiotherapy digital platform.

We’re passionate about Physiotherapy, and innovation. We’re confident that Physiobuddie is a showcase of our passion. We are always expanding on the platform and adding more exciting features.

  • Goal Tracking

    We work with you to create tailored and specific patient supported outcome questionnaires that the patient can use to view and track their progress during their programme.

  • Journaling & Patient to Patient

    We offer the patient or carer a safe space to write about their progress throughout their programme. We have included a social space for patients to send support to one another to build a sense of community.

  • Bespoke Resources

    We create bespoke resources to view and read at any time during the patients programme, including safety resources. We also upload all of your clinical teams educational content into this area for the patient to access, an example of this might be a "meet the team" resource.

  • Follow-along Physiotherapy

    The Physiobuddie platform provides the patient with creative, progressive rehabilitation. The patient can complete a full 'start to finish' programme from the comfort of their own home. We use evidence based exercise programmes to assist patients.

  • Traffic Light & Remote Monitoring

    A simple clinician dashboard makes it easy to follow and understand how patients are progressing. Using this process clinical teams can monitor patients from a distance and reduce the amount of home visits needed whilst offering the same level of support to the patient.

  • Collaborative Working

    Physiobuddie's clinical team works with your clinical team to create bespoke and tailored programmes. We understand that every clinical team works differently, and we offer a flexible system that ensures all of your clinical needs are met.

  • Reducing Time Pressures

    Physiobuddie has not only been designed for the patient but the clinical team also. We understand that clinical teams are under growing time pressures and our fast and simple patient sign up process makes it easy for patients to access 24/7 rehabilitation.

A team of people, passionate about innovating.

Our team is combined with professional physiotherapists who have years of experience in the industry, and people who are passionate about digital innovation, and are excited to launch the next generation of a physiotherapy digital platform.

Matt Booth - Physiobuddie, leading digital physiotherapy platform

Matt Booth

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Chester - Physiobuddie, leading digital physiotherapy platform

Alex Chester

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Booth - Physiobuddie, leading digital physiotherapy platform

Chris Booth

Chief Technical Officer

Lucy Aston - Physiobuddie, leading digital physiotherapy platform

Lucy Aston

Business Development Manager

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